Ciao, August!

One Headlight updates & new writing

Hey Loves,

For the last weekend of August, I hung out with the coolest being in my life, MacKenzie, a.k.a Adam’s Niece:

She seemed to like One Headlight, and so did these outlets — thank you all for reviewing my first book or having me in your studio :)


It's hard these days to "buy the ticket, take the ride" but in August, I did my absolute best (with a flowery mask when indoors) by visiting Anchorage for a few days, Aug 20 - 23.

I don’t have any big events planned for September, but if you’re around NYC, I’ll see you in Van Cortlandt Park at this potlatch through Lehman College on Sept 3 at 1pm. RSVP through Eventbrite!

One Headlight launched at Nasty Pig Design Studios on Aug 6, hosted by the sui generis Denne Michelle (who’s since ascended the throne of Electronic Literature — congratulations, Editor-in-Chief!!).

You can check out the video one kind soul took here.

On August 17, I also had a lovely discussion with my pal, Joe Okonkwo, hosted by Astoria Bookshop. If you live in Queens, swing by Astoria Bookshop for a signed copy of One Headlight!

Watch the discussion here.

After a lovely in-person Alaskan launch at Mad Myrna’s on Aug 21, a very insightful convo with Martha Amore at The Writer’s Block, then a radio interview with the Terri Gross of Alaska – Kathleen McCoy – I’m looking forward to just teaching classes at Lehman from my apartment in Queens!

Before I headed back to NYC, I swung by the Dimond Center for some ice skating joy with my high school BFF Christy & Handsome Elliot, whose wedding I officiated back in June :)

This happened:

New Writing

Other than the BOOK – which you should support through an indie like Astoria Bookshop or The Writer’s Block (or Bookshop!) – Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog published an essay about my reading routine: The Bradbury: Reading (and Writing) Whatever.

I also blogged about Netflix’s brilliant new comedy, The Chair:

I’m still hammering away at a screenplay [Sally May], researching for a collection of essays [Incomplete Sentences], and playing around with (tentative title) Tango: the Art & Love of Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg.

This morning, I started in earnest one short story that I’m most excited for. The title cracks me up. I’ll share it with you next month :)

Take care and have fun,